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Microsoft Office is now on the cloud: get it everywhere – whether on PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone – and easily share with whomever you want!

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Features overview

Office365 is mobile


Work anywhere, on any device, whether online or offline

Office365 is familiar


The tools stay the same: enjoy Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote...

Office365 is connected


Easily share anything you want with anyone you want

Office365 is scalable


Pay only for what you need, upgrade instantly anytime

Office365 is up-to-date


Office365 will always provide you the latest version of your software

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The new Microsoft Office is for everyone. Find the solution that suits you best:

You can subscribe to Office 365 here. Or if you prefer you can still buy the classic box version of Office 2016. Have a look!

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Office 2016

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There are different solutions adapted to the size of your company. Select what describes yours best.

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